Olympic Champions of Rio among the winners of MOL Sport Tender

The Sport tender of the MOL Talent Support Programme provides support for a total of 126 young sportsmen in a value amounting to HUF 32 million in 2016. The results of the MOL New Europe Foundation...

28. May 2016


Flea-market of Music History for Teenagers

Liszt Prize-winning pianist, Gábor Eckhardt - with MOL supported young musicians - continues his successful series for teenagers at the Budapest Music Center (BMC) on Sunday 15th May.

27. April 2016


21 million HUF for the voluntary programmes of the secondary school students

MOL New Europe Foundation launched its KÖSZ! (=Thanks!) Programme to support the School Community Service in the autumn of 2014. The aim of the initiative is to promote the completion of the School...

24. February 2016


Master-M Prize Awarded to Outstanding Teachers and Trainers

10 teachers performing exemplary work were awarded the MOL Master-M Prize in the Kogart-House in Budapest. The prizes were handed over by the managers of MOL, the curators of New Europe Foundation,...

10. March 2016