László Baán

László Baán (1961) president of the board
Economist, director of the Museum of Fine Arts since 2004. The museum has presented its most popular exhibitions under his direction.

Szabolcs I. Ferencz

Szabolcs I. Ferencz (1967)
Senior Vice-president, Corporate Affairs, MOL Group

László Kiss-Rigó

László Kiss-Rigó (1955)
Catholic priest, canonist, university professor, bishop of the Szeged-Csanád diocese since 2006.

Sebestyén Júlia

Júlia Sebestyén
European Champion figure skater, trainer

Domokos Szollár

Domokos Szollár (1975)
Head of Communication of MOL Hungary

András Perczel

Prof. András Perczel (1959)
Chemic, biologist, owner of the award Bolyai, correspondent member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Gergő Süveges

Gergő Süveges (1940)
Journalist, tv speaker, father of 4 children, his writings are published under the title: "Father-image-writing"


Former members of Board:

Molnár-Bánffy Kata (2006-2010): communication professional, SALT Communications Kft.,

Pálffy István (2006-2009): writer, journalist, media professional.

Prof. Tamás Roska (2006-2014+): Electrical engineer, researcher, regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, owner of the award Bolyai. Co-inventor of the first programmable analogous cellular super computer principle, of microchip architecture as well as of the ?CNN bionic eyes".

Somlyai Dóra (2010-2015): communication counselor, Blackpage Consulting.


Members of the Supervisory Board:

Mr Pál Kara, Ms Krisztina Dorogházi, Mr László Miklós