21. November 2016

70 young artists received support in the tendering project of MOL New Europe Foundation

MOL Talent Programme supports the career of 70 young sportsmen, artists and scientists with a total of HUF 17 million. The talented and successful students could apply for support to buy equipment or cover travelling costs in the framework of the tendering project. After evaluation by the expert jury the final decision was brought by the Board of Trustees of the New Europe Foundation that invited the applications. The MOL Talent Support Programme has been helping the development of young talents since 2006, so far more than HUF 500 million has been spent on their support.

MOL Talent Support Programme assists the development of young and successful artists, young researchers and sportsmen. For them the greatest help means the acquisition of the equipment necessary for achieving success in their field, to buy the sports equipment or gear, the musical instrument, or on the other hand the covering of the travel expenses when they participate in a competition or a master course. In 2016 250 applications were received in the category of art and science, out of these 70 young talents and their teams were granted support totalling to HUF 17 million.

The evaluation was made with the participation of an expert jury the members of which were László Baán, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Gábor Eckhardt, Liszt Prize winner pianist, Professor of the Academy of Music, Gabriella Kállai, sociologist, researcher of the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development. The final decision was brought by the trustees of the New Europe Foundation. During the evaluation process the main criteria were the results achieved so far the needs based on means-testing.

Among the winners we can find Valentin Magyar, pianist participating in Virtuosos, the Hungarian talent show for classical musicians, and Roland Horvath softver developer.

In the framework of the MOL Talent Support Class Programme the Foundation further supports the earlier successful applicants who are now over 18. This year 11 applicants won support in the amount of HUF 2 million. Noemi Verboczi ballerina, and Matyas Szucs astrophotograper.

MOL has been supporting young talents since 2006 through its public utility foundation, thus helping the development of nearly 11000 young sportsmen and students striving for an artistic or scientific career.

You can find the list of the supported talents here.

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