This category of our support programmes aims to help develop the talent of young artists and scientists. We generally find that the greatest help is providing them with an instrument or the technical devices necessary in their preparations for scientific competitions. We are glad to cooperate in the process which leads these children, through the blossoming out of their talents, to enrich not only their own lives but also that of those around them, and to contribute to the development of their surroundings.

In 2016 we have announced the call for proposal for the twelfth time. We invited to nominate talented youth or their groups aged 10 to 18 who have already proved their aptitude in national or international competitions or exhibitions, in the fields of arts, social or natural sciences and are in need of material means for their advancement.

Applications are expected until the 30th of September.

Applications can cover purchase of equipment, materials, instruments or event travel expenses. The key decision criteria will be results achieved to-date and degree of need. The final decision will be taken by the board of trustees.

Get to know our young friends having won this support earlier.

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