05. February 2018

Christmas Market’s income was donated to foundations

In December 2017, we held our forth Christmas Market in MOL office buildings in Budapest and the countryside. Due to MOL community’s comment to help people in need, we collected a record amount of donations: HUF 1,222,990 that, similarly to previous year, was doubled by MOL Hungary. On 30th January at the Budapest Zoo, we gave a donation in the amount of HUF 2,245,980 to representatives of the two recipient organisations, Budapest Zoo Foundation and Marigold Foundation.

At our traditional Christmas market, MOL Group colleagues and managers sold their homemade pastries in the buildings of HQ, Margit Palace, Agrober, Békásmegyer, Tiszaújváros and Százhalombatta. As MOL colleagues were generous again, a record amount of donations was collected and given to two non-profit organisations supported by New Europe Foundation.

On 30th January at the Budapest Zoo, donations were presented by Andrea Gáborné Haáz, Managing Director of MOL New Europe Foundation to Éva Montskó, Chairwoman of the Budapest Zoo Foundation and Judit Vásárhelyi, Head of Marigold Foundation.

Representatives of the foundations didn't come empty-handed either: Marigold Foundation brought its newly published "Heartfelt Story" book as a gift, while the Zoo named Marigold Foundation as the honourable adoptive parent of their stork "Kelep" and with the adoption certificate, offered 20 family entry tickets to adopting families.


Budapest Zoo Foundation


The Foundation was established to make the botanical and zoological garden more versatile and to improve its operations. Its activity is mainly education and training oriented. The Zoo maintains excellent relations with several schools and kindergartens whom it provides various infotainment and awareness classes. The foundation's adoption programmes attract thousands of people every year, where applicants can become the adoptive parents of animals. Disease preventing, healing and rehabilitation programs are of key importance. Due to the received MOL donations this year, the foundation can organise an adventure & arts therapy programme again to host children living with disabilities; which is a special pedagogical programme that makes zoo visit a huge experience for blind and wheelchair users. For the first time in 2016, within framework of the campaign carried out with the support of MOL Children's Healing Program, the foundation developed a methodological aid for zoological garden instructors to guide people with disabilities.



Marigold Foundation


The Marigold Foundation was established to support adopted children and their families in cooperation with the Marigold Association. Since March 2000, they helped 850 new-born babies to find loving adoptive parents through open adoption. The Foundation provides a community for adopting families, development programmes for children, financial aid for families struggling with financial difficulties, and also gives support for talented children's education. In 2018, they will use MOL donations to fund adventure & arts therapy programmes designed to strengthen trust between parents and children.


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