10. March 2017

Exemplary teachers and coaches received MOL Master-M Awards

Ten top class prominent tutors were honoured in Budapest’s Vigadó Concert Hall by the MOL Master-M Award in return of their exemplary work.

The MOL New Europe Foundation has been supporting young talents, and their teachers and coaches as well since 2006. So far 85 youth group coaches and talent care promoters have earned the recognition destined for those educators who achieved outstanding results over the past few decades, by prompting their co-workers and peers to set their human qualities and professional skills as example for the young.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees selected seven dedicated lecturers and three U-age coaches from the more than 700 nominations. The recipients of the MOL Master-M Award received their prizes for being both a moral and a financial recognition: the award goes with an honorary fee of 1 million HUF. These teachers and trainers have worked for long without respite and compromise, led by example and lent their specialist support to assist many young talents to start their career.

At the award-giving ceremony, Dr. Tünde Szabó, Secretary of State for Sports, and Sándor Fasimon, the COO of MOL Hungary gave the opening address. In his speech, Sándor Fasimon emphasized that "A company, a country or an entire region can't become strong without thinking about the future ahead, not hesitating to sow the seeds of success to come. This is why last autumn MOL announced its strategy for the next 15 years, and this is why we hold top teachers in high esteem. They are those who take the first steps towards a successful future."

The MOL Master-M Award 2016 was given to such reputed teachers as Sándor Benyus Jr, choir leader and double bass maestro musician (Vác), Erika F. Pollner, art drawing instructor (Miskolc), Norbert Horváth, physics lecturer (Budapest), Katalin Maksa, history and Hungarian literature teacher (Budapest), Dr. Lukács Mészáros, biology teacher (Szentendre), Dr. Mihály Minda, teacher of mathematics, physics and information technology (Vác), Attila Takács, mathematics teacher, physics and information technology (Budapest). Among sports and training professionals, Tibor Kegye, swimming and triathlon coach (Budapest), Andrea Sinkó, aerobic coach (Budapest), and finally Tibor Zámbó, handball coach (Mezőszilas) were distinguished.

The awards were presented by the top managers of MOL Hungary, Júlia Sebestyén, retired European figure skating champion, curator of the New Europe Foundation, Áron Szilágyi, two-time Olympic champion sabre fencer, Goodwill Ambassador of the New Europe Foundation, Dániel Gyurta, Olympic champion swimmer, and Mihály Sipos, one-time founding member of seminal Hungarian Folk Group Muzsikás.

"More than ten years ago, at the age of 16, I became one of the grantees of New Europe Foundation. This opportunity was lending me significant support, a safe and reliable background, and keen motivation as a young sportsman and athlete. The philosophy, social sensitivity and values represented by the Foundation are indeed very close to my mindset, which explains why I was ready to gladly accept any commission or invitation over the past years, eager to return to some extent the trust I was given. I am glad and proud to express this on this special occasion as the ambassador of the New Europe Foundation", stated and concluded Áron Szilágyi in his exposé.

Within the framework of the official award-giving ceremony, the Foundation announced its new programs for this year. Among the first, applications may be submitted under the 'Sports' category of the MOL Talent Care Program by March 31, 2017, by those young people between 10 - 18 years of age who have already discerned themselves by credits in national or international competitions, and require financial support to move forward.

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