06. June 2017

Gézengúz Foundation for Children with birth injuries

Gezenguz Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr. Judit Schultheisz, pediatrician in Budapest, Hungary. The mission is to facilitate treatment and rehabilitation of babies and children with developmental risks (eg. prematures) or with perinatal nervous system injuries.

During the 25 years of existences the foundation has provided tens of thousands of babies and children with diagnostic services and pediatric physiotherapy applying different special methods and occupational therapy. It has also provided psychological and social help for the affected families by means of getting them involved in the therapy.

In addition to these services, the foundation provided a home-away-from-home for families so that they can stay close by their hospitalized child. Most of the treatments take place in groups that also include children enjoying full health. In our therapy program hydrotherapy – so called Neuro-hydrotherapy – has a crucial role. It is also a good opportunity for social integration.

The foundation considers helping children living in socially disadvantaged environments a priority. The foundation provides walk-in doctor services for patients at five locations in Hungary: Budapest, Budafok, Budakalasz, Gyor and Salgotarjan.

The foundation’s therapeutic, educational and social activities fill essential gaps in the govermental health care system.

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