04. July 2017

Katinka Hosszú´s swimming cap for a good cause

Triple Olympic swimming champion Katinka Hosszú has joined Team MOL. From now on, MOL Group will support one of the world’s top athletes to reach her goals.

The values Katinka Hosszú represents in sport—professionalism, strength and self-conviction—are identical to the values MOL Group stands for in business life. This is why our company has decided to become a sponsor for Katinka Hosszú. "I am happy to welcome Katinka Hosszú, now a member of our team. The entire Hungary roots for her. Every day, she proves how perseverance and hard work will make you world number one. That is also the thinking we share and the target we work for at MOL Group," said Zsolt Hernádi, MOL Group Chairman and CEO. "MOL Group is a key supporter of Hungarian sports, and it makes me very happy to see that swimming is no exception. The company considers important the same values that define also my everyday activities. Faith in hard work and in ourselves, and a strive for professionalism serve as an excellent foundation for our joint efforts in the future", Katinka Hosszú said about the cooperation.

MOL considers it is very important to emphasise the central and definitive role swimming, aquatic sports and therapeutic methods associated with water have in the health and healing of our children. That is why, after announcing the cooperation with Katinka Hosszú, we also started a charity competition with her:

Katinka has signed one of her swimming caps and gave it to MOL Group to be used for a good cause. A photo of Katinka holding the cap together with Zsolt Hernádi has been uploaded on MOL Hungary's Facebook site, and if the post receives 25,000 likes, MOL will provide HUF 3 million to support the "Gézengúz" Foundation's (also supported by MOL New Europe Foundation) hydrotherapy method used to help young children.

Besides supporting Katinka Hosszú, MOL is the national sponsor of the 17th FINA World Championships, and also sponsors another Hungarian swimmer, Dániel Gyurta, and the Hungarian women's and men's national water polo teams. In addition, 17-year-old Hungarian swimmer, Kristóf Milák, supported by MOL New Europe Foundation,which sponsors young athletes, will compete in the 100-metre butterfly event during the FINA Championships.

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