07. March 2018

MOL presented teachers and trainers performing outstanding work with Master-M Award

Since 2007 MOL has already awarded 95 teachers and trainers with the Master-M prize for their outstanding and devoted work which contributed to the success of the young talents. The former students can nominate their mentors for the prize which goes with an honorary fee of HUF 1 million and the Board of Trustees of MOL New Europe Foundation select the ten winners.

New Europe Foundation, established in 2006, pays special attention to the support of young talents: during the past more than 10 years the foundation of MOL supported 4000 talents with a total of HUF 587 million. Besides the youth the Foundation has also awarded the teachers and trainers having performed outstanding work. Together with this year’s 10 new winners 95 teachers have been given the Master-M Award, which includes an honorary fee of HUF 1 million.

Out of 700 nominees the Board of Trustees of New Europe Foundation shortlisted three teachers of science, three art teachers and three trainers as the beneficiaries of the Master-M Award.

In the framework of the award giving ceremony held in Budapest Vigadó (Redout) the prizes were handed over by the executives of MOL as well as Júlia Sebestény, European figure skating champion, curator of the New Europe Foundation, Áron Szilágyi, two-time Olympic champion sabre fencer, Goodwill Ambassador of the New Europe Foundation, Norbert Herczig, four-time Hungarian rally-champion, and Dániel Hamar, founding member of Hungarian Folk Group Muzsikás.

The ceremony was also addressed by dr. Boglárka Illés, Deputy State Secretary for Youth Affairs and Equal Opportunities and Szabolcs I. Ferenc, Senior Vice President of MOL Group Corporate Affairs, Curator of New Europe Foundation.

Hungary is the country of talented young people. For centuries we have been proud of the values created by Hungarian brain, diligence and perseverance. When we speak about supporting talents we have to ask ourselves what talent is worth if it cannot be seen or if it cannot rise? The inherent talent has to be discovered, used in the right way and developed properly. An outstanding result or performance is beyond doubt first of all the merit of the person who has achieved it, but we must not forget the people who contributed to this success. They are our winners today" – emphasized Boglárka Illés.

MOL supports not only individuals but also communities. This is highlighted by the Master-M Program launched in 2007, which awards the teachers and trainers who have performed outstanding work and contributed to the development and rise of the talent of the youth. We acclaim professional and human greatness, Masters in the historical meaning of the word” – said Szabolcs I. Ferenc in his speech.

The MOL Master-M Award of 2017 was given to outstanding teachers like Marianna Kónya, chemist, teacher of chemistry, Péter Simon, teacher of physics, László Szőllősy, teacher of geography, József Varga, teacher of mathematics, Mrs Zsuzsa Veres Halász, piano teacher, dr. Enikő Harkó Szűcs, teacher of Hungarian language and literature, Mrs Lenke Csécs Török, folk-dance teacher, Katalin Haász, diving instructor, István Korponai pentathlon trainer, and János Módos wrestling trainer.

Hungary is in a lucky situation as it can boast of a great number of young talented sportsmen. In order to make it possible for these young talents to make their dreams come true, the cooperation of the whole community is necessary. In this the masters play a crucial role. More than 10 years ago when I was no Olympic champion, no world recorder, not even a well-known sportsman I also had a great master, György Gerevich, who helped me realise my dreams. Without him I could not have achieved my results, nor could the young talents whose masters we are celebrating tonight” – said two-time Olympic champion sabre fencer Áron Szilágyi.

Appraisal of the winners of MOL Master-M Award 2017
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