10. October 2017

Sabre fencer, Áron Szilágyi has made a chess piece respecting the environment

The two-time Olympic champion sabre fencer and goodwill ambassador of New Europe Foundation took part in the creative project of Zöld Híd (Green Bridge) Association aiming at recycling PET bottles. As part of the KÖSZ! Programme, an outdoor chessboard has been created from “Pillekő” (a material made of recycled PET bottles) with the help of students taking part in community service on the schoolyard of Kiskunhalas.

Zöld-híd (Green-bridge) Environmental Association of Kiskunhalas together with Olympic champion sabre fencer, Áron Szilágyi and the students have built an organic community place on the schoolyard of Bibó István Secondary School of Kiskunhalas. As part of the “Green Steps” project, an innovative environmental technology, “Pilleko” was used to recycle PET bottles. The designed PET bottles fixed to each other were covered with a special adhesive material, then the solid objects were decorated with colourful varnish paint.

A large chessboard, chess pieces and colourful seats have been created using “Pilleko” technology for the school. The aim of the outdoor play supported by the KÖSZ! Programme is to set an example to students involved in school community service how to create a colourful and sustainable public place.

“What I like about this project is that secondary school students can gain experience how important it is to work for the community. Students used their creativity thanks to “pilleko”, and they seem to have created something which is close to their heart, and they are proud of the result. Not least they became aware how important it is to recycle waste.” said Áron Szilágyi, Goodwill Ambassador of New Europe Foundation, who took part in the creation of chess pieces with the students.

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